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Welcome to Penang Cruises. Cruising in Penang is just like pampering yourself and getting an opportunity to explore the unexploited sites of marine world. Being one of the wonderful experiences of life, it offers a chance to discover different water bodies, unscathed lands and incredible scenes. The Port of Penang plays an important role in the nation's shipping industry by linking Penang to more than 200 ports worldwide.

Glittering lights of a cruise seems to share inexplicable feelings of sailing on the ocean. With well-equipped facilities, life safety and numerous amenities, it is easy to plan a Penang cruise tour. Passing beneath Penang Bridge and watching sunset from the cruise observatory is touching to the heart. Penang cruise tours are just like a stay in dreamland offering lavish, comfortable and opulent living.

The Penang Island is connected to the mainland by, Penang Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Asia extending 13.5-kilometre, three-lane and dual carriageway. The Malaysian government has also announced a second bridge project, tentatively known as the Penang Second Bridge. The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

The international dragon boat festival is celebrated in Penang annually since 1979, around the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. Visit Penang during festival season and get indulged in vibrant mood of celebration. It’s amazing to watch colourful decorated boats with dragon head.

To enjoy life at it’s full by sailing on the water bodies. Just avail flight to Penang and head towards Penang.