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Penang is a Malaysian state and a part of the island situated on the northwest coast of Peninsula Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca. It's the eighth most densely inhabited and the second smallest state in Malaysia. Because of its thriving urbanisation and industrialisation, Penang has become one of the most developed and economically stable states in the country. Emerging as a favourite tourist destination, it has a well-deserved culture, ethnicity, religion and language, which everybody loves.

Get in and around

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Rich in means of transport, Penang is perfectly linked by road, rail, sea and air. It has 34.9 km of rail track serviced by the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) from Butterworth to Butterworth railway station, and Malayan Railway West Coast line runs from Padang Besar on the Malaysia-Thailand Border in Perlis to Singapore. Due to low speed and convenient buses, trains aren't very popular medium of transport in Penang. To control traffic, the city council has introduced free shuttle buses for a short intra-city travel. For efficient and reliable bus network, the government has launched the public bus service by Rapid Penang. The metre system is compulsory, but taxi drivers in Penang don't follow it. The three-wheeled trishaw operates in some parts of George Town and it's truly a tourist attraction. Other modes of transport include electric trams, high-speed ferries and monorail.

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When you visit Penang enjoy everything including foods, cultures and attractions, but be careful with your belongings while travelling around Penang Island and walking through love lane and amelian lane. During your trip, avoid handbags, backpacks and other valuables as snatch robbers are waiting for their prey. Keep your valuables in your pocket, but never spoil your journey with unnecessary fear. Using ATMs is a safer option than carrying cash. Note down hotel phone numbers and addresses as well as carry travel insurance contact numbers and bank & credit cards numbers. In case of emergency, dial 112 and contact police. (112 is an European emergency number).


Tipping isn't customary in Malaysia, but who doesn't want to receive it. Of course extra bucks make anyone happy. In many restaurants, you need to pay a service charge of 10%, which is charged on your bill. Some travellers and locals leave the coins, when a waiter returns the charge for the bill. Sometimes, it's great to tip waiter or waitress at clubs, bars and pubs to get better services. By tipping bellhop, who carries luggage to your hotel room, you show some respect and kindness.

When to Go

Penang has a tropical rainforest climate throughout the year. It has sunny and warm weather along with plentiful rainfall because of the Southwest Monsoon, which stays from April to September. Its climate is deeply influenced by the wind system and surrounding sea. Any time of the year is a great time to visit Penang, but November is the best time because of the dry season and excellent weather conditions.

Emergency Contacts

Fire Brigade 994
Police & Ambulance999
Rescue 991

Important Phrases

Welcome to MalaysiaSelamat datang Ke Malaysia
Please sit downSila duduk
Please come inSila masuk
Excuse meSila beri jalan
Thank youTerima kasih
Good morningSelamat Pagi
Good eveningSelamat petang
Good nightSelamat malam
Good byeSelamat tinggal
Excuse meSila beri jalan
My name isNama saya ialah
I come fromSaya dating dari
Can you speak Bahasa MalaysiaBoleh cakap Melayu
Where are you goingPergi ke mana
I like it hereSaya suka berada di sini
Turn rightBelok kanan
Turn leftBelok kiri
Please stop hereSila berhenti di sini
How muchBerapa harga
Can you reduce the priceBoleh kurang?
That's too expensiveMahal sangat
I would like to change moneySaya hendak tukar duit/wang
Wait a minuteTunggu sekejap
Where is the toiletDi mana tandas...?
In the backdi belakang
What time does the bus leavePukul berapa bas bertolak
What time is itJam berapa
One thirty or half past onePukul satu setengah