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Top 10 Activities in Penang

Jungle Trekking

With such a lovable activity, you get much to do in Penang. There are lots of things to do if you are interested in jungle treks. Many hotels and resorts organise treks for those, who get attracted to jungle life. Get a chance to watch waterfalls, water streams as well as spend a day full of jungle fun. For the family tour, you can refer a guide which is available at tourist information offices, published by the Malaysian Nature Society Called the Nature Trails of Penang. It's a good source for those interested in exploring many trails in a jungle environment.

Youth Park

Spend the quality day at a youth park, the largest recreational area in Penang. It is an ideal place for those interested in spending their time in a peaceful place. The park includes outdoor exercising area, play equipment, outdoor swimming pool and lush tropical gardens, mainly visited by parents and children.

Butterfly Farm & Spice Gardens

Get an opportunity to know about thousands of butterflies fluttering all around you.  You can also see rare species, which are hardly found anywhere. With a lively butterfly museum of its own kind, you get a bit closer to natural habitat. As well, you can explore the meaning of Malay cuisine prepared at the nearby Spice Gardens, housing more than 500 varieties of tropical herbs and spices.

Malaysian Handicrafts

Learn making Malaysian handicrafts in Penang and sharpen your creative skills. Get a chance to visit Royal Selangor Pewter Shop and know how to be trained in the art of pewter-making. Make your pewter dish and batik painting for your dear ones. Spend a day full of fun with an interactive tour preferred for all ages. Discuss with a local batik painter how to paint using wax and dye.

Tropical Fruit Farm

In order to preserve the green heritage of Penang, it is a contribution to the future generation of Malaysia. Tropical fruit farm covers an area of about 25-acres including around 200 species of tropical and sub-tropical fruits and herbs. It is situated on a hillside in Teluk Bahang overlooking the Indian Ocean. Take a guided tour if you are interested in discovering varieties of trees. Make sure to taste a few fruits, which might be new to you.

Round Island Tour

With around island tour of Penang, you come to know about variant sides of Malaysia. Visit so many places such as traditional Batik Factory and Snake temple. Discover Penang in great ways by exploring international jewellery factory along with a contrast of a Malay Kampung village. Before returning to island tour, visit Penang Bridge, the world's third longest bridge linking the island to the mainland.

Monkey Beach Excursion

Make sure to explore white sandy Tropical Island of Penang as well plan for a monkey beach excursion. With such an unexploited beach, feel privileged to spend a fulfilled day enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Take a 30-minute boat ride from Penang to a white sandy beach covered with coconut trees and monkeys. Try fishing and experiment with BBQ provided on the spot.

Reflexology & Fish Spa

Fish spa is a fun-loving activity if you are interested in spending a day full of recreation.  Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa and Puteri Ledang Traditional Foot Reflexology & Body Massage are situated in Gurney whilst Marine Fish Spa is situated in Batu Feringghi.  It is nice to feel relaxed when small fish nibble dead cells of the feet. Some spa centres also offer full body massage with the method of reflexology.

Penang Night Tour

Explore Penang when the sun is down when the place is ready to intermix in the nightlife. Get ready to experience after-dark attractions, boisterous surroundings and mouth-watering cuisines. Start the night tour by visiting Gurney Drive, head on to its Hawker Centre, a perfect spot to taste Penang cuisines such as Asam Laksa, char kway teow and Hokkien mee. Spend a few moments shopping at a night market.

Penang Squab diving

Penang is much lovable place for those looking for fun-filled, adventurous and pleasing activates. Squab diving is a bit audacious, but it's enjoyable offering the pleasure of exploring the underwater world. Diving in tropical waters with a visibility of 100FT along with observing coral reefs and shipwrecks is a completely different experience. This is only possible by maintaining the underwater environment.