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A turtle shaped island along with a coastal strip of Province Wellesley, on the main land, Penang is bordered by the State of Kedah to the north and east and by the State of Perak to the south. The state stretches itself over 1046.3 square kilometers and is located on the north-western coast of Malay Peninsula. The island is covered by narrow coastal plains, hills and forests.
Geographically the state is divided into two sections, the Penang Island and the Province Wellesley. Penang Island stretches itself over 293 square kilometers of land and is situated in the Straits of Malacca. Province Wellesley is a narrow channel that stretches itself over 753 square kilometers of land and is bounded by Kedah in the north and east, and by Perak in the south.


Penang experiences an equatorial type of climate with a warm and humid weather throughout the year. Days are warm and sunny with temperature of around 30°C and nights are quite cool with temperature of around 22°C. Penang is quite dry in the months of January and February. Rainfall is heavy and is experienced especially from August to November.